One Project, Three Apps

Many people do not actually realise that a mobile solution typically consists of three apps. 1 for Apple devices running iOS, 1 for Android devices and the last is typically a web admin panel to control administrative tasks like user management and content management. A typical native development costs so much because of the complexity of building an ecosystem of 3 apps that connect to a central database.

EasyApps is the solution for the small businesses of Singapore, whom are generally more cost conscious and want most bang for buck.

We are not in the business of creating apps based off templates. Our EasyApps are 100% customised to your requirements. They are built from scratch to meet the needs of your business. However, we use a proprietary building framework that makes common tasks associated with app development faster than usual. Our EasyApps framework also allows for a single codebase to power all 3 apps, which makes for quicker time-to-deployment for builds and updates.

So far, EasyApp has been all about being faster and cheaper to develop. But what gives?
1) EasyApps are feel more sluggish than native apps, because they are actually web apps that are repurposed for the native environment. If you are developing a popular consumer app for tens of thousand simultaneous users, EasyApps is not for you.
2) EasyApps, while it makes most functions easily achievable, very specialised integrations with extremely proprietary services are difficult to accomplish. If you need to integrate an EasyApp with an SAP backend, EasyApps is not for you. (But then again, if you can afford SAP, you can afford a native app agency)
In closing, if you are able to overlook the drawbacks listed above for EasyApps, then you have nothing to worry about!
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