StorBest-SSHK Cold Logistics

Case Study: StorBest Maintenance Master

StorBest has been our client for a while now. Recently, they wanted an app for them to manage the scheduling and servicing of their various equipment, from air-conditioners to computers to robots etc. EasyApps was the obvious solution as it is affordable and fast to deploy. Total project implementation time was 4 weeks.

STORBEST MAINTENANCE MASTER is a two-in-one app, with both the administrators and maintenance crew using the same app, differentiated by permission settings. This EasyApp allows StorBest to:

Manage Users/Equipment - Create equipment with service frequency. Assign different service crew and job approvers to each equipment. The app automatically schedules the next servicing once one is complete.

Approve Servicing - Managers whom are given the approver role are able to approve or reject servicing jobs. Any equipment can have multiple service crew and multiple approvers. All approvers have to give their approval before the job is marked complete and locked from further tampering.

Keep Digital Records - Service chits are all digital. They can be referred to at any time. Admins and Approvers can comments on service chits as well.

An app like this would be perfect for anyone in the business of repairs & servicing, be it in-house or for clients.

You will be able to create clients and assign various equipment to them. Set a servicing frequency to automatically remind clients when their equipment is up for servicing.

Store digital chits that can be referred to anytime, instead of paper with faded carbon copies. And automatically assign managers as job approvers once the maintenance job is done!

Get this app for yourself or business for S$4,999^ without further customisations.
Or have us build an app from scratch for your business for just S$9,999^.
Contact us if you wish to build similar EasyApps with us!

^Monthly platform & hosting fees not included as they vary with usage. Prices quoted are for apps with functionality within reason. 80% of our clients' apps fall within our definition of 'reasonable'.