M for Magic

Case Study: Ming Da - Asia's Greatest Magician

Our client, Asia's Greatest Magician, Ming Da wanted an app to better connect with his followers. Common questions that he got were...can I get a card...can you teach me some magic...do you have any videos for reference...etc. Instead of just giving out a plain old business card, Ming Da wanted something more magical: an app.

So we gave him an EasyApp.

In conjunction with a recent rebrand, Ming Da launched his new app made by EasyApps Singapore with three main objectives.

1) Keep his followers up to date with his latest shows
2) Sell some of his instructional video content
3) Keep in touch with his followers

We were able to provide timely consult on the various ways he could achieve his objectives and alas we built MING DA for Asia's Greatest Magician!

MING DA was a two-in one EasyApp, featuring both the view for his followers, as well as a view for him to access the backend of the app.

Latest News - Ming Da is able to regularly post news on his latest shows and have his followers RSVP to them. The app also sends reminders to his followers for events they RSVP-ed to.

Learn Magic - A series of courses containing instructional videos teaching some of his best tricks to his followers. Some content is offered free. The rest is chargeable. We integrated both Android and iOS In-app payments for his followers' ease of use.

PUSH Message - Ming Da is able to regularly send digital mailers in the form of PUSH Messages direct to the mobile phones of all his followers. This is a very convenient and effective marketing tool.

An app like this would be perfect for entertainers and creative people with a portfolio to show off and digital content they wish to sell through their app.

Get this app for yourself or business for S$4,999 without further customisations.
Or have us build an app from scratch for your business for just S$9,999.
Contact us if you wish to build similar EasyApps with us!

^Monthly platform & hosting fees not included as they vary with usage. Prices quoted are for apps with functionality within reason. 80% of our clients' apps fall within our definition of 'reasonable'.