Apps on a budget

Here at Easy Apps, we pride ourselves in being able to meet business needs with mobile technology. Apps, you may say; a very general term for an application that runs on a small screen in the palm of your hand, is the answer to everything. Yes and no.

If you have done your research, you would realise that the cost of app development in Singapore is anywhere between S$40K to S$400K, depending on the integrations to other platforms required, and the complexity of the logic. At Easy Apps, we want you to spend not more than S$10K. Altogether. Both apps included. Android and iOS.

We exist to help small businesses achieve business needs with the use of mobile technology. Thus, we have to find a way to build apps on a budget.

Through our extensive experience in building apps in native languages, hybrid languages and web applications, we developed a way to build apps on a budget. With this new 'apps on a budget' methodology, we founded EasyApps to help other small businesses leverage the power of apps to solve their business needs.

There is a popular saying in Singapore, and that is, 'there is no such thing as a free lunch'. This is true. There are limitations to EasyApps. But we feel that at this price point, the limitations of EasyApps are greatly outweighed by the benefits it brings to small businesses. Below is a comparison between native app programming and EasyApps.

We hope that with EasyApps, many more small businesses like restaurants, small retail outlets, logistics players, property groups, management firms and medical firms will be able to take the plunge into mobile technology quickly and effectively.
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